*This session is an intro for the upcoming, Source Embodiment Process weekend intensive at Una Vida Studio in Niwot. (Sat & Sun April 1st & 2nd from 10-5) More info here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/577545964527

**cash at door ok.

SOURCE EMBODIMENT ACTIVATION is a spiritual embodiment practice that invokes and amplifies the universal forces of nature already alive in each of us through a direct energy transmission in a ceremony-like journey to activate your personal life force. Through a safe, surrender based approach, SEA is a very unique and powerful resource to help you ride the waves of life in a human body on Earth today with more flow and grace by helping you to establish your personal, direct connection to source.

Set to a hour-long arc of music, transformative and restorative energies are safely engaged through the nervous system in relationship to the Earth to activate an embodied connection to Higher Self and Source, in service to our personal and collective awakening.

The main instruction is to surrender to your own aliveness and through this, spontaneous physical, emotional and energetic sensations or movements may occur. These shifts offer an opportunity for deep release while also providing an invitation for an expansion of consciousness and your Higher Self to ground in your body more fully. By giving our aliveness permission to lead the way, we learn new ways of being that help us adapt and influence our changing world.

S.E.A. is part of the greater SOURCE EMBODIMENT PROCESS; a spiritual integration system which teaches how to live from your direct connection to source in your daily life, no matter what. This work provides a pathway to experience and express the inherent interconnection between your Identity, Body, Soul’s Purpose, planet Earth, and the full creative expression of the Universe.

Though everyone’s experience is unique and some for some, it can be subtle at first, many people often say “It’s like taking psychedelics without the psychedelics.”


– Please arrive on time

-This is a sober event

-Cell phone off

-Bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion

-Dress comfortably

-Plan to stay for the full duration

-Try to eat a minimum of one hour before or just eat light if necessary

YOUR FACILITATOR, Justin Hartery LMFT, “For over the last 13 years I’ve committed to learning everything I can about human development, healing trauma, personal transformation, and spiritual awakening all in service to our collective liberation. “Source Embodiment Process” is the culmination of this work. It is a synthesis of my experience both a licensed somatic psychotherapist as well as multiple initiations into many forms of energy medicine, spiritual practice, and plant medicine traditions. Of all the approaches, methods and traditions I’ve studied and experienced, what’s offered here are the most impactful and effective elements for creating lasting change that I’ve experienced both personally and in my facilitation with others. As a psychotherapist, I see the journey of self realization as an embodied relational process, teaching us how to contact and accept both the brightest and darkest parts of ourselves in relationship to each other, the earth and beyond. In this way we learn to be as we truly are, a unique expression of source itself, each playing our part in the greater collective whole.”